The Seer gave us visions of our beginnings in Ortea.

Alihara tries to figure them outEdit

Steve: Atticus Empyreus (Human) (Magus)          A human boy wearing fine clothes runs while holding a small glass figurine of a horse, he trips on an unseen loose cobblestone and the figurine tumbles from his hand.

Shawn: Orroc Thunderstruck (Half-Orc) (Cleric)    A small village of mud and straw huts sits in the darkness of night, a stab of lighting illuminates the area, followed by a deep roll of thunder that drowns out the cry of a newborn babe.

Barb: Alihara Dreamrunner (Half-elf) (Cleric)         A human madwoman foaming at the mouth and many months pregnant lies in bed and thrashes against her bonds as a human male in robes watches carefully.

Maus: Malva Meliot (Halfling) (rogue)       A frustrated Halfling woman is carried away by an elven guard in chains.

Beth: Frerin Rockhunter (Dwarf) (Druid)    A young dwarven man protects a deer foal in the shelter of a rock during a terrible storm.

Keith: Ranae Silent-Strider (Grippli) (rogue)          A fish diverts to eat something it sees beneath a leaf only to lifted out of the water by a bird.

Brian: Flavius DuBois (Human) (Bard)      A captivated human boy wearing rags listens around a camp fire as a dramatic story is told by a half elf wearing a bright cape made of many different colored cloths.

James: Ferus (Catfolk) (Ranger)  An elderly man leans back after reading a letter and sighs, looking around at his small home. His small cat jumps up on the desk and curls up on the letter, making him purse his lips and look thoughtful.

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