The rich farmlands that surround this villiage may be reason it brews such a wonderful mead.  The mead is what has made what would have been a small farming community into a wealthy brewing and distribution center, even if it is still small.  

Garreton is located near the Gablepeak Mountain.

Noteable LocationsEdit

The Blue Barrel Brewery - This is the place where hops, honey, and many other ingredients grown and harvested from the nearby farmlands are brought together to create the well known mead.  

The Broken Barrel Tavern - Located adjacent to the Brewery this large and lively tavern serves food and drink at most any hour, open around the clock during harvest season.

The Red Rooster Inn -  A simple multi story building with rooms to rent.  Clean but spartan.  Bathhouse in back.  

Noteable PeopleEdit